Can you see it? Right. There is no picture.

So let me ask you a question.
Who would you be without that picture in your head of how it should be, how YOU should be or how the world should be?

Who would you be without the thought that who or what you see on social media is any better or worse than you are yourself. Who would you be, if you once in a while, or for all unfollowed the picture in your head, that you would be happier if you had that looks, that smile, that beauty, that outfit or that life of anyone else. Someone you only see a picture of. A creation of your mind. A simple reflection of what could be or not. And maybe is not.

If you stopped believing your thought that anyone out there is better off or could be more beautiful, more successful, more smiling, more enlightend… than you. With any of these thoughts you immediately leave your own world, that is already there. So, who would you be if you stopped to create pictures in your mind of how your world, or this world should be and start loving your own.

Who would we all be if we stopped judging politicians, or blaming the world for not being what we want to see, or admiring others for what we see in them just because of a picture in our heads.

Would you stop to see the blank? That maybe there is only one world you can change. The world in you.
And maybe we would start loving what we have, instead of seeking what we don’t have. Right here, right now. Not in the future, not in the past. Just now.

I don’t say we should. I just suggest to open up. Yes, we can love or not love what the social media world shows us. It’s a show.
But by remembering that we are no one else but us, and that what we see is only a reflection of what we already love in our own world, it might bring a certain peace to us. A love that needs no pictures and even no words. And this might show us a beauty a picture could never show. Because it is reality.